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We specialize in processing all major credit cards for non-profit organizations, restaurants, Internet companies, carnivals and traditional retail merchants. Above all, we are 100% committed to our clients and providing them with honest and ethical service.

Non-Profit & Events

Charitable organizations are provided with their own merchant account to process donations throughout the year. If your organization has existing equipment, we will re-program it free. We provide Internet credit card processing to your organization for online donations and allowing donors to pay for event tickets, promotional products, and title sponsorships. Event processing is also available using our state of the art wireless terminals to process transactions.

Restaurants - Pay At Table

We provide a safe, wireless, and cost-effective method of accepting payment at the table which provides quicker service and PIN debit. Our wireless equipment provides seamless existing software integration, high security, quick table turns and PIN based debit. Restaurants have never been able to accept PIN debit in prior years and now they will save money and provide their customers with a level of security unmatched in today's market. Credit card security is an important issue with consumers; they are concerned about Identity Theft and protecting themselves from becoming a victim. The only point of sale where consumers let their credit cards out of their sight is in a restaurant.

Internet Companies

The Internet offers a wide variety of services when it comes to processing your customerís credit card transactions online. We provide your company with a virtual terminal that gives you the freedom to process your customerís payments anywhere you are connected to the Internet by simply logging in to our secure system. This mobility enables merchants on the go the freedom they need. Shopping Carts are a great way to showcase your products or services online. We will set your company up with a shopping cart and a payment gateway so your customers can quickly and easily purchase your products online.

Traditional Retail Merchants

We provide the lowest prices available to traditional retail merchants who are face to face with their customers. Often referred to as "Brick and Mortar" this type of merchant is often times low risk; the credit cards are "Swiped" through a processing terminal or through the Internet and a signature is obtained from the customer. Additionally, when you offer PIN debit to your customers, you will experience significant savings. Some examples of merchants who will fall under this category for accepting credit cards are: Hair Salons, Auto Repair, Dry Cleaners, Doctors, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Golf Courses etc.

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July 24 , 2009

Equity Commerce provides superior merchant services. Brady worked with us personally to save money. He is always available and willing to make last minute changes. He definitely puts the customer first. Equity Commerce is a great partner!

California Exposition & State Fair
Samantha Brown
Staff Services Director


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